Thong Period Panties- Thinx
Thong Period Panties- Thinx

Thong Period Panties- Thinx

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body 89% nylon, 11% elastane
gusset 95% cotton, 5% elastane; middle breathable PUL

Care instructions

To take care of your Thinx, rinse with cold water immediately after use, give ‘em a spin in the washing machine on a delicate cycle (just no softener or bleach!), and hang dry.


How do Thinx work?

Thinx are underwear that absorb your period. Every pair is made with a patented design and our signature technology that absorbs your flow, wicks moisture, controls odor, and prevents leaks — leaving you fresh and dry. Take a look at our How it Works page to learn more.


How long can I wear Thinx?

We measure our undies by absorbency with our highest absorbency styles holding 4 tampons worth of fluid. For some customers, that means wearing them the whole day and for others that may mean carrying an extra pair of Thinx as a backup. If you have more questions, please try our Know Your Flow quiz.