Daughter of the Land

In 2013 Ashley Spierer moved from her home in New York City to Chennai, India to work for a maternal health startup focused on reducing maternal mortality in local hospitals. As an avid proponent of “natural” skincare, Ashley brought along her familiar supply of body, face and hair products in her luggage.  One day, a friend of hers suggested trying coconut oil on her skin and frizzy hair. She learned coconut oil as well as several purely natural ingredients had been used on skin, hair and body by women for generations. Single natural ingredients did the work of all the “specialized” products Ashley had become accustomed to. This was the moment that Daughter of the Land was created; realizing skincare does not need to be complicated, made with a long list of ingredients, and contain a plethora of specific-use products. Skincare can be created naturally and made simply.
Daughter of the Land is a skincare line defined by simplicity, authenticity and purpose. These values are at the core of every product we create and every step in the production process. Every formula is made with fair trade and organic ingredients. Every package is created with sustainability in mind; using recycled paper, glass and metal. Daughter of the Land firmly believes that you can take great care of your body, while also taking care of our environment and the communities surrounding us.

Daughter of the Land was founded by Ashley Spierer and operates in Seattle, WA.


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